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Are You Using Your Skincare Products Correctly?

Are You Using Your Skincare Products Correctly?

June 20, 2018

It's great that you've found skincare products that work for you. But its a small, albeit important, part of a much bigger picture.  Do you know you're getting the most from your skincare products? Do you use them at the right time of day to put those fancy, powerful ingredients to work for your skin?

Here's a thorough, to the point, guide for effective use. In my humble opinion. 

1). Remove your make up.  Your skincare products and treatments need a clean canvas to be able to be absorbed deeply and quickly.  And NOT just wiping the makeup with cosmetic wipes, wipes won’t cut it.  I personally only use wipes for a quick, on the go, cleaning of my face. I can’t wait to get home to wash all those chemicals off my face.

2). Exfoliation. Dead skin, dirt, oil, and impurities can be built up in skin pores and cause blemishes, acne, and dullness. It’s important to gently scrub your face once or twice a week with a scrub. However, your skin may get irritated by exfoliating scrub? If so, we've got you covered.  Our Savern Exfoliate + Cleanse Cleanser does both cleaning and exfoliating at the same time but not like a harsh scrubber.  It’s formulated for gentle everyday use.

3). Toner. This can be a forgotten step in most skin care routines, but it really helps to balance your skin PH and prepare it for your skin care treatment

4). Serum: Serums are filled with the superfoods of ingredients. Antioxidants, retinol, hyaluronic acid; it’s important to apply them first so that your skin gets soaked in all that goodness.

5). Eye Cream:  The eye area has the most delicate, thinnest skin and for that reason it needs extra attention and protection. Tap your eye cream with your ring finger gently.  Don’t stop until you can feel your eye cream has been absorbed completely.

6).  Moisturizer and/or Night cream:  Hydrated skin = Happy, glowing skin. Moisturizer provides that big drink of water your skin needs.  Including a night cream in your PM routine helps your skin hydrate and repair itself overnight.

7) Sunblock/SPF: Last but not the least, is protecting your skin from sun damage.  Daily use of SPF can reduce skin cancer and damage risks substantially.  DO NOT skip this step

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